The Art of War as you've Never Read it!

The Art of War is probably the best known war treatise, credited to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking Chinese warlord. The treatise is still highly popular, especially among businessmen and entrepreneur, mostly due to the fact that Sun Tzu's tactics, if applied correctly in business, can be of utter most importance. My humble take on Sun Tzu's wisedom is to simply permute war terms with business terms. And the results speak for themselves. By reading the "new" treatise with business terms only, it seems to be the perfect guideline for conducting a business, in any field. From the very beginning of a business, to an exit. The strategy narrated by Sun Tzu is, for me and I believe many more of us, close to perfection when it comes to war techniques. But war can be seen as an agressive form of business, where humans obtain goods of value from other humans.

Random Quote

Attack by Stratagem:
"Hence to negotiate and conquer in all your sales is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the competition’s resistance without negotiating".


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